Bikes for people just in time for summer!


Bike Donation to the Response to Love Center
Mr. Dick Perini and Sister Johnice taking delivery of the bikes to distribute.

As the warm weather arrives we all want to get out in the sun. For some people that means riding a bike. For some though the cost of a bike is too much, when being able to feed your family takes precedence. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Molly Marcinelli (Principal of Como Park Elementary School)and her friend Mr. Dick Perini, both kids and needy adults are getting bikes of their own at no cost.

Bike Donation to the Response to Love Center
Vontae gets his bike he was so excited and happy.

The excitement of a child when they get a bike is a wonderful thing to see. Also the relief of an adult that gets a bike that allows them to get to a job without depending on a public transportation system that largely fails the inner city commuter trying to get to a suburban job on the weekends.
A special thanks to Tom’s Pro Bike Shop in Lancaster that is supplying tires tubes and parts to refurbish the donated bikes to make them safe and ride ready for the people we serve.


Happy Riding!