Home Depot Helps Response to Love Center

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A huge thank you to our friends at the Home Depot for sending a team lead by Joshua Kratochvil to remove some old shrubbery and replace it with some evergreen trees. Also to repair a wind damaged fence behind the Peace Garden making it as good as new.

Joshua was accompanied by Joe Saltino and Matt White both from the Home Depot they spent the entire day digging planting and fencing. God Bless them all for the work they did and a special thank you to the Home Depot for the grant to facilitate these needed repairs.

Zittle & Sons Farms Support the Response to Love Center

A Tour of Zittel & Sons Farm

October 27, 2015


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Sister Johnice and I were invited to visit one of our generous donors.

Every week we would get donations of fresh red and green peppers, squash, brussel-sprouts and more from a fellow named Earl. He would talk about the abundance of fresh produce that Zittle & Sons farm in Eden would donate to organizations in Buffalo. While speaking with Earl, we found out he actually sometimes hand picks the overage and then delivers the vegetables to our door!

The fine folks at Zittle & Sons farms invited Sister and me to see their farm.

So on the afternoon of October 27th we took a ride to Eden to see the operation. Wow, what a place, and what wonderful people. We were met by Terry and Earl and got a tour of the new greenhouse, (last year the greenhouse they had was destroyed by the November snow storm that brought 8 feet of snow and collapsed the greenhouse.)

Even though they are in the throws of re-building their entire greenhouse facility some out buildings and barns that also collapsed under the extreme weight of the snow, they continue to help other people!

The cooperation with other farmers in the area was an inspiration to see. Earl sometimes goes to neighboring farms where the farmers have agreed to donate produce and he, again delivers that produce to organizations in Buffalo including the Response to Love Center.

Behind the scenes people all over WNY are doing God’s work and our hero’s from Eden are the Following:

Earl thank you for ALL your efforts,

Terry thank you for the wonderful tour,

Amos Zittle & Sons George, Paul, Bill, Dave, Mark and Kevin

For the Squash – W.D. Henry and Sons Eden NY

For Tomatoes and Kale – Henry Agle & Sons Eden NY

For more information about these local farmer/heroes visit: