Response to Love Center Window Project 2018

The Response to Love Center is in a building that was constructed in 1905 that makes it 113 years old.

It is true that they don’t make buildings like that anymore, strong, thick-walled and secure. However with a building that old there are always repairs, updates and aging issues that need to be addressed. Some of our windows were replaced some twenty plus years ago and some other windows are as old as the building itself. It is becoming more of a challenge to heat the building in the winter especially when it’s windy and cold, as the windows do not seal properly even the more recently replaced windows.

Replacing the glass is not possible in some of the windows as the frames have broken apart.

We have to prop up the windows with pieces of pipe.

During the coldest months of the year, many of our homeless and financially challenged clients look to us for a chance to warm up during our open hours, stopping next to one of our radiators before enjoying some soup or a warm meal. But we have rooms that volunteers work in that won’t stay warm in the winter and are too hot in the summer because we can’t open the windows for fear of unlocking them may result in the windows falling in on top of someone.

We are to a point that replacement is becoming necessary for safety reasons as well as for the comfort of our volunteers, staff and the Sisters working in our building. The plan is to replace the windows in phases, utilizing a triage approach, first being the windows in most need of repair. We actually have some windows that are propped shut with a pipe and duct tape so as not to come crashing in on top of someone.

The cost of replacement is around $1000 per window and we will replace them as the available funds allow. Please consider helping in this most unique and necessary way. Being good stewards of funds we receive we always look for ways to improve the efficiency of our building and the cost of utilities, and of course the safety of our clients, Sisters, staff, and volunteers.

With the replacement of the windows, we anticipate the savings to be substantial in both reduced cost of utilities and the need to paint the wooden window exterior trim every few years. Just the exterior painting of the trim would save $50,000 every time it is required. Our average monthly gas bill in the winter is $1700.00 if we could reduce that just by 30% with the installation of energy efficient windows we will realize a savings of $510 a month, for a total savings of around $2500 in heating cost during a typical winter season.

Thank You!

If you can help;

Back-To-School at Response to Love Center

Back – To – School at Response to Love Center

August 28, 2017

The season is here for children getting ready for back to school!

Back packs, pens, pencils, markers, writing paper and more are given to families for the “Opening School Day!”

Thank You, Veterans Auxiliary 9249 with School Supplies

Generosity from Veterans Auxiliary 9249, The John Newman Community, Dash Markets and local community groups have been a blessing to the clients at Response to Love Center.

Today forty school children got huge smiles on their faces as they received their school supplies. In coming days, and weeks more children will be given what they need so that “no child is forgotten.”

Thank You, Kevin O’Connell and Dash’s Market for the School Supplies and Backpacks!

Thank you to everyone that has donated you are investing in the future and bringing smiles to the neediest.

MJ Mechanical Supports the Response to Love Center

Jonathan Sinatra Presents the Proceeds to Sr. M. Johnice

Special Thanks to MJ Mechanical for Hosting the Matt Poole Golf Classic on July 22, 2017, and offering the proceeds to the Response to Love Center. The Annual golf tournament raised a total of more than $5000! MJ Mechanical has been our refrigeration and HVAC Company for many years offering great service and people.  MJ Mechanical ( has been keeping our food cold and our building warm, and in great shape to serve the people on the East Side of Buffalo.

Prayers and Pillows Drive 2016

Sister Johnice and Richard Gurbacki Collecting Pillows
Sister Johnice and Richard Gurbacki Collecting Pillows

Thank you to all the people, churches, companies and organizations that helped collect more than 1000 pillows for the 2016 Prayers and Pillows Drive at Response to Love Center. A special thank you to Mr. Richard Gurbacki for being instrumental in collecting, and transporting many of the pillows collected.

The pillows collected were distributed to our Christmas Day Dinner Guests and other Organizations that help the poor in Buffalo.

The drive started because of the desire of Volunteers Mattie and Brooke Woodard to provide something “special” for our clients. The video below explains.

Advent Begins 2016

St. Michael’s Church Buffalo, NY
December 2, 2016

Sr. Johnice-Advent2016Advent 2016 has started with Sr. Mary Johnice talking about her experience first meeting and breaking bread with Saint Teresa of Kolkata in the summer of 1985. That meeting sparked the desire for Sister Johnice to start the Response to Love Center. Sister Johnice asked Mother Teresa if she could go to Kolkata to learn to work with the poor, Mother Teresa simply said no. Mother Teresa told Sister Johnice to go back to the East Side of Buffalo and find her own Kolkata, find the poor and look into their eyes; there you will find Jesus that was more than 30 years ago.

Sister Johnice talked about her challenges and successes in starting and running the mission at Response to Love Center. But the advice of Mother Teresa kept Sister Johnice inspired “to do small things with great love.”

Join us at St. Michael's for Advent Celebrations on Thursday evening.
Join us at St. Michael’s for Advent Celebrations on Thursday evening.